Dump McCain, Arizona

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john-mccain-here-are-11-things-obama-should-do-about-ukraine-right-nowI’m tempted to say you couldn’t possibly do any worse, but of course that is never a reason to vote for a candidate.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News just endorsed Kelli Ward in the AZ Primary against Vietnam War hero and Keating Five unindicted co-conspirator John McCain.

More on Hawkins later, but he got this one right.

Until today Kelli Ward’s campaign tweets were about as much as I knew of her record; I’m better informed now after an epic Internet cram session.

But Ward could be as duplicitous as some of the tea party sellouts who have won in the past only to betray their commitments, and I would still vote for her over McCain.

I’m confident she will not be.

Dumping McCain for Ward should be a good trade-off for any Arizonan who cares about ending the illegal alien drop zone the state has become under McCain’s…

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