We were promised that board certifications would never be misused

Dr. Carlisle Holland sent us a look at the history of Osteopathic board certification: I was a professor at TCOM during the period when board certification in general-family  practice and OMM were …

Source: We were promised that board certifications would never be misused


Recertification: a test publisher’s attempt to take over authority in medicine

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Guest post from Carlisle Holland, D.O.

The change to requiring recertification was demanded at the time by the younger generation of graduates, not the idea of those who had board certification for life. The cut off of requiring it was cited as unfair atthe time, but the ‘higher standards’ were deemed worth the period of adjustment to such a change, as boardcertification was considered an intellectual achievement in itself, and worthy of the credit for knowingthe information that well, a credential.

The recertification was a change in the intent of board certification itself and a perversion of its meaning. And it does not prove proficiency nor competency in a specialty to pass retesting every few years. What ifthey pass it and do not keep retaking it? Board Certified no more? And it confuses the meaning of Board Certified and changes it from a Lifetime Achievement like a Medical Degree, a…

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Consumers at Risk! The Truth About Prescription Discount Cards

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

One thing we all hate is the high prices we pay in the US today for our prescriptions.  Sure we do get some discounts, but that too has become an effort in algorithmic shopping to click here and click there to get the best price.  It shouldn’t have to be that way,image but it is as that’s how the systems have been built.  There are a ton of discount prescription cards floating around out there and they all vary in one way or another, but the big thing to remember about all of them is that they are a marketing firm that can and will sell your data to make money.  In addition, the discount cards act just like a pharmacy benefit manager with getting all your information when you use them to fill a prescription.  In addition, some of them offer referral fees so they can increase the size…

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