ACA: The Shredding of Healthcare and United States’ Constitution

January 16, 2014 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a.k.a., Obamacare, has been forced upon the United States’ citizens, patients, physicians, and surgeons. This universal heal…

Source: ACA: The Shredding of Healthcare and United States’ Constitution


PPACA Obamacare population control vs private individual healthcare

Governmentally mandated Obamacare violates United States’ federal laws; it selectively targets and is against independent American physicians and surgeons that choose to practice their trade, the a…

Source: PPACA Obamacare population control vs private individual healthcare

Oklahoma Governor Signs Anti MOC/OCC Legislation!

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

An Oklahoma physician writes in:

Yesterday, April 11, 2016 our Governor signed a bill preventing entities from using MOC or OCC as a condition for licensure, reimbursement, employment or admitting privileges at a hospital.

Click here to read SB 1148.

This is HUGE!!! We essentially blocked ABMS and AOA lobbying efforts and hopefully blocked the Interstate Compact law (which we successfully squashed for this year’s legislative efforts).

This may be a model to squash MOC and OCC forever.

Note: This victory follows Kentucky’s anti-MOC, bill SB 17, passed earlier this year.

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