Denmark: Muslim Immigrants Stone Baby Piglets to Death While Driving a Wooden Stake Through Another at Nature Center

sharia unveiled

Piglets 1

Immigrant-boys mistreatment of pigs on a visit to farms in Aarhus got the municipality to intervene and remove the animals.

by, Christian Kloster | MX Metropress | h/t Exponerat

(Translated from Danish) – At Aarhus Municipality visits agricultural Natursamarbejdet near Gellerupparken some children are sad that the funny pigs have been removed.

The explanation so far has been that they were removed for a neighbor, the environment and animal welfare. But behind the word welfare hiding brutal mistreatment of pigs – typically stoning. In one case had a piglet killed after the children of a different ethnic background than Danish had stuck a stick in it.

“In the area out there, there are children of different ethnic origins, which unfortunately does not like pigs. They thought it was fun to throw stones at the pigs, “said municipal biologist Niels Jørgen Friis.

He says that both visitors, the site ranger and…

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