To Opt out or Not To Opt Out, That is the question. Physicians must discuss and decide.


May 5, 2016

Hello Dear Concerned Colleagues,

I agree with Dr. Jane that Medicare patients (as have we all who have worked in the US) have had money taken from their paychecks their entire lives and are in effect conscripts in the Medicare Army; however, as we all know, government flagrantly broke the promise it made to not interfere whatsoever with the practice of medicine whatsoever including the administration and financial aspects.

Presently, government is expanding its conscription of seniors to include all patients who have healthcare insurance, whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, or Commercial via MACRA.

The Feds made buying insurance a federal law, so the only people free of their conscription are lawbreakers, who resisted buying the insurance and instead are penalized.

At any rate, is it the physician’s duty to enable the system effectively sanctioning government’s broken promises, overreach, and failed plans? Or is our duty to better serve…

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