Health Insurance Practice of Profit by Delay and Denial of Care is Unethical, Constitutes Practicing Medicine Without A License, And Must Stop. Physicians Must Stand Up For Patients.


April 21, 2016

Dear Aetna Pharmacy Management Medical Director, Dr. Muna Enshiwat-Salman,

My dear patient of 15 years just presented me with a 12 page Notice of coverage decision dated 3/18/2016 which she received from you stating “Aetna Pharmacy Management received your request for authorization of coverage for Lumigan Solution 0.01% (Bimataprost). Your request was denied for the following reason(s): …

FYI,that was not a request. That was a valid prescription I wrote for my patient for a proven, indicated glaucoma drug that she has been using since I first prescribed it on March 22, 2011 in the course of her treatment for glaucoma, a potentially blinding but treatable condition. She was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2002 and has been in my care on a series of drops from Timoptic to Travatan over the past 14 years to keep her from losing her sight. My patient and I have been…

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